Satoyama & Satoumi Photo Contest 2020

To apply for the photo contest, two application methods are available as follows. Each prize is decided by the primary review by the consortium secretariat and the secondary review by the Japan Times reader.


  1. Follow Instagram satoyama promotion consortium official account
  2. Shooting according to each theme.
  3. Post your photos with hashtags #Jtsatoyama2020 #satoyama on Instagram
    * Please add detailed location information (location) and comments.
  4. @jt.satoyama_consortium

2Application Form on Website

  • Fill out the form on our website and apply online.
    * The website form can accept up to 5 photos per person.
  • These photos will be posted on Instagram by the Consortium ‘s Instagram official account.
Entry Form

Details of the contest

Please confirm and apply to the following content.

■ Application period
  • From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 until Monday, August 17, noon. *The period may change.
■ Eligibility
  • Residents in Japan
  • Those who agree on the application guidelines
  • Applications by those under 20 years old should require their guardians’ consent.
■ Application Guidelines
  • Please apply for the contest after agreeing to Instagram’s terms of use.
  • Photos submitted from the form will be posted on Instagram by the official Instagram account of this Consortium Bureau.
  • Applicants under 20 years old should obtain their guardians’ consent.
  • Entries before or after the above application period will be invalid.
  • Only photographs taken by the applicant himself / herself can be submitted. Photographs for application must be original works by the applicant himself or herself and unpublished.
  • If objects of shooting include people other than applicants and/or copyrighted works, please obtain consent from that person or the owner of the copyright. The Japan Times Satoyama Promotion Consortium will not bear any responsibility if any problem arises in the use of the posted photograph, such as copyright of the photographer, infringement of the right of the portrait right of the photographer.
  • This contest is held only in Japan (Japan). The shipping destination of prizes is limited to Japan.
  • When the applicants participate in the contest by submitting their photographs, it shall be deemed that the copyright of the submitted works is transferred to The Japan Times, Ltd. and the applicants have agreed that The Japan Times, Ltd. may use the submitted photographs for our newspaper, website, publicity information, campaign etc. However, it does not prevent the applicant from using the work after the application.
  • Through the contest, The Japan Times, Ltd. will acquire the personal information of applicants through Instagram or e-mail. Personal information collected will only be used for confirmation of application qualification, confirmation of winning, acceptance of photograph sending, shipment of prize and replying to your direct inquiries.
  • Winners of this contest and their works will be announced at “Satoyama Practitioner Exchange Meeting in Mutsu City” held on October 17, 2020.
  • Winning works of this contest will also be announced on this website.
  • Winning works of this contest will be showcased on The Japan Times, a daily English-language newspaper.
  • The details of this contest is subject to change or cancel without prior notice. The Japan Times Satoyama Promotion Consortium will not be responsible for any individuals or corporations in connection with the change or cancellation of this contest in any cases. The Japan Times Satoyama Promotion Consortium is not responsible for any losses, liabilities, damage, expenses, or other complaints resulting from participation in this contest or the winning.
  • Applicants are responsible for Internet communication charges and connection fees related to the entry of this contest.
“Prohibited matters”

When applying for this contest, the following acts are prohibited. Entries submitted with the following actions shall be invalid.

  • Acts that hinder the operation of this contest
  • Acts that fall under slander, threats or harassment to others
  • Acts that infringe privacy, portrait rights and/or, publicity rights of others
  • Impersonation acts by identifying the name of another person or other organization name such as a company
  • Acts of infringing copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others
  • Acts of posting images published in other printed materials, exhibitions, etc.
  • Information provision, advertisement promotion or solicitation for profit
  • Acts of assisting, soliciting, compulsion or promoting acts in violation of laws and acts of violation
  • Acts contrary to public order and morals, general common sense
  • Acts of posting data to promote sexual exploitation of obscene, child pornography and children
  • Act that excessively burdens the server of this contest
  • Acts that violate Instagram’s Terms of Use / Laws
  • Other similar acts

* This case is not sponsored, supported, or operated by Instagram, it has nothing to do with Instagram.

* Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, LLC in the United States and other countries.

■ Contact Information
  • Japan Times Satoyama Promotion Consortium Bureau
  • Email: